Instituto de Tecnología Cerámica activities are principally conducted at premises located on campus grounds at the Campus del Riu Sec of Universitat Jaume I of Castellón. These ITC premises comprise about 7000 m2 and contain laboratories, a pilot plant, meeting rooms, offices, and stores. The laboratories are equipped with scientific instruments valued at over 6 million euro for conducting the necessary tests in applied science research projects, technology development, innovation, and technical consulting, in addition to providing the services requested by ceramic sector companies. 

ITC has a Pilot Plant fitted with the necessary equipment to run certain ceramic manufacturing process stages on a semi-industrial scale. These facilities are at the disposal of companies for carrying out pilot-scale trials designed to improve the manufacturing process, while avoiding the problems and risks that could arise in doing so in the actual production process. 

Furthermore, ITC also has its Alicer headquarters, Alicer being the ITC Area for Design and Architecture, at which design and architecture-related activities are pursued. These premises comprise an area of 1223 m2 and contain the typical infrastructure of a design department, in addition to a workshop, training and lesson rooms, offices, and an exhibition area, trends laboratory, and prototyping laboratory

ITC map (University headquarters)                

ITC map (Castellón city headquarters – Alicer building)

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