Companies in Castellón learn how to share their resources thanks to the Sharebox Project 

The Institute for Ceramic Technology (ITC), together with Castellón Chamber of Commerce, has developed a workshop on industrial symbiosis in the framework of the Sharebox European project, whose main objective is the flexible management of the process resources shared by different companies by using a safe TIC platform.

A total of 24 participants, representing companies both in the ceramic sector and in other production sectors in the province, worked together in groups, noting that some companies may need resources that other companies do have, and also that these companies may be located in the same geographical area.

In the context of industrial symbiosis, the fact that a concrete resource is recognised in a wide context is very important”, ITC representatives state. “There is a natural tendency to think of waste and consider it something not really necessary for the company, something that must be got rid of, but waste could, actually, be a useful resource if transformed into a different product”, they claim.

This global approach about resource sharing may include the availability of underused laboratories, equipment or facilities, as well as water and energy from residual heat, water wells, process waters, etc.

Furthermore, resources such as land, logistics, materials, experience and know-how may also be shared.

During the workshop, companies have had the chance to formulate their needs as far as available or necessary resources are concerned. All the information gathered will be entered into a safe software platform so that industrial symbiosis is efficiently performed, with the ultimate aim of being more efficient and sustainable when optimizing resources, energy and manufacturing processes. Currently, ITC is working with several of the participating companies (Keros Cerámica, S.L.; Kerafrit, S.A.; Guzmán Global, S.L. and Ibérica de Suspensiones, S.L.) all of them located in La Mina industrial estate in Nules (Castellón). These companies will, over the course of the project, try to promote resource exchange in order to cut production costs and industrial consumption through the platform that has been created to that effect.

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