SPIRE in FP9 will pave the way towards the next generation of sustainable European process industries 

The SPIRE PPP – Creating a visible impact on the EU's competitiveness.

SPIRE in FP9 will pave the way towards the next generation of sustainable European process industries to benefit the entire value chain and society.

Today our society is exposed to rapid changes in its economy, environment and technologies that impact both European citizens and industry. The resulting sustainability challenges are met by opportunities for innovation.

Transforming the European process industries into a rejuvenated, highly innovative, dynamic, flexible and sustainable and productive sector will increase Europe’s global competitiveness, foster reindustrialization and therefore positively affect wealth, growth, job creation and our environment.

High risk and long term investment is needed to meet European industry’s objectives of competitiveness and sustainability. Research and Innovation (R&I) investments have a direct impact on productivity. The European Process Industries strengthen the EU’s competiveness and maximize the value that companies can create from Europe’s excellent research capabilities through projects funded under the Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency contractual Public Private Partnership (SPIRE cPPP). SPIRE provides at least a 5.4 leverage factor from industry. The eight sectors of the European process industry (cement, ceramics, chemicals, engineering, minerals, nonferrous metals, steel and water) within the SPIRE Association (A.SPIRE) highlight the key considerations that the European Commission should take into account to keep these vital sectors engaged with the forthcoming ninth research framework programme (FP9). This is essential to ensure impact and delivery for sustainability, growth and jobs in Europe.

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