InCore Trends – Plataforma Virtual MindTile

InCore Trends – Plataforma Virtual MindTile

InCore Trends - Plataforma Virtual MindTile


The InCore-Trends project consists of the development and launch of a novel tool, MindTile, for advanced analysis and data management in order to guide companies in the ceramics sector when designing and offering new products that respond efficiently to the needs generated within a changing society, thus minimising time and resources.

To achieve this, InCore-Trends conceived a tool, MindTile, based on data analysis, as it collects, analyses and structures a large volume of information that will have a significant impact, not only on companies, but also on the consumer's and/or prescriber's information search process, facilitating their choice.

This project proposes a new platform to facilitate two objectives, explain Lutzia Ortiz and Ana Benavente, in charge of this research in the Product Design Unit of the ITC's Habitat Area: "the first is to offer the ceramic tile specifier and the end user a catalogue of products classified by habitat trends and all the studied characteristics that govern the search for ceramic products in the purchasing process, during the information search phase, making it possible to effectively locate those that can best configure the final living space.

The second objective is to analyse user navigation on the platform in detail in order to quantitatively detect and be able to profile different types of targets or markets, thus allowing for strategic information to be applied in companies and more data for the definition of product strategy in companies".

Funded by the Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresarial (IVACE) of the GVA.