About ITC

How we can help you

ITC can help you innovate with its efficient and responsible R&D&I, update your knowledge, and transfer technology and advanced technology services specially designed for you. Because enhancing your competitiveness means creating wealth for the community.

Who we are

We are a highly qualified professional team that has the infrastructure and appropriate technical and scientific equipment to carry out R&D&I projects and technology transfer to companies, with a view to generating innovation and enhancing the international strategic positioning of the ceramic sector.

ITC's creation is grounded in the agreement between Universitat Jaume I of Castellón (UJI) and the Ceramic Industry Research Association (AICE). University-business cooperation has thus given rise to the Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC) in response to the needs of companies from the Spanish ceramic cluster.

How we do it


The Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC) is made up of a multidisciplinary team, well-trained and highly qualified to respond to the multiple needs of the ceramic sector. A group of committed people focused on developing techniques and procedures that help ITC member companies achieve their objectives.

To safeguard staff integrity, ITC has a department that assures the principle of equality of opportunity and treatment between women and men.


Development of innovative technologies to help the ceramic sector achieve excellence was ITC's starting point.

Commitment to constant innovation through research drives actions aimed at fostering the competitiveness of ITC member companies and of markets.


The member companies with which ITC collaborates have been placing their trust in ITC for decades.

ITC is a research centre close to ceramic sector companies, with thorough knowledge and understanding of the ceramic manufacturing process. These companies thus know that ITC can attend to their needs, as they are in the hands of experts who also have ITC's equipment and infrastructure to help grow the sector.