About Us

About Us

ITC is a technology institute that emerged in 1969, noted for pioneering the university–business cooperation system.

ITC applies this model to the Spanish ceramic cluster, over 90% of which is located in Castellón province.

ITC has over 100 highly qualified staff and technical and scientific equipment valued at about 10 million euro, spread over two locations: one at Universitat Jaume I and the other on the SUPOI-8 Industrial estate in Almassora (Castellón).

ITC emerged at the university, aware, owing to the proximity of the ceramic sector, that it could help resolve the problems and needs of ceramic companies for them to grow and become more competitive. Companies need immediate answers to their problems: otherwise, both time and money are lost. In addition, generating innovation is key to successful competition in international markets.

It was therefore decided to form a group and create the Ceramic Industry Research Association (AICE) which, thanks to an agreement with Universitat Jaume I, led to the Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC), whose mission is to research, capitalise knowledge, transfer technology, provide updated training, design high-value services for companies, and much else.

Incorporated as ITC, an entity established by University and Business with the support of public administrations in R&D&I funding, the organisation is an innovation driver across the entire ceramic business value chain.


Proporcionar conocimiento y servicios que impulsen la innovación y la competitividad en toda la cadena de valor de la industria cerámica y afines.


Ser un referente internacional en investigación científica, tecnología y transferencia del conocimiento mediante un modelo profesionalizad, sostenible y colaborativo para actuar como una organización tractora del tejido empresarial desde la Comunidad Valenciana.


Somos una entidad abierta y colaborativa, responsable y honesta, cercana y accesible, eficiente, fiable y segura y dinámica.